Our Start

“Since its inception, the Mumbai (India) based company Shree Siddhi Surgicals has touched various incredible heights, which is the testimony of its quality products. The company has been endeavoring to manufacture products that takes care of the varied requirements of the customers. At Shree Siddhi Surgicals , quality and customers satisfaction is never compromised. The company leaves no stone unturned in achieving the above mentioned objectives. It ensures that stringent quality checks are followed right from the selection of raw material to the final stage of production. It has a team of qualified quality inspectors who remain on their toes all throughout the production process to the final inspection of the products. ”

Artificial Limbs and Lower Extremity

Shree Siddhi Surgicals specializes in the fitting of lower extremity prosthetic devices. Statistically these are the most common types of prostheses required by persons with limb amputations. We are committed to working closely with our clients to produce devices that are comfortable, functional, appropriate for their needs and cosmetically attractive.

Artificial Limbs for Upper Extremity

Some device types may be more suitable for specific activities than others and some individuals may need several different prosthetic devices to engage in a number of different activities. At S.S.S Services we emphasize the importance of an Initial Prosthetic Assessment. Our interest is in working with our clients to determine what their functional goals are and how best to achieve them, through the use of appropriate techniques, technology and training. Experienced amputees know that if a prosthesis does not fulfill some personal requirement, it will not be worn.

Spinal & Orthotic Supports

Lower extremity orthotics describe orthoses, braces and supports designed for the leg, hip, knee, ankle and foot and can be used for a range of needs from stability to immobilization. Lower extremity orthotics can work independently or in conjunction with one another to create a wide range of options from simple leg orthotics to a complex reciprocating gait orthotics with a custom-made orthopedic shoe.

Cosmetic Restoration/Osseointegration

Direct trauma to the hand or fingers is by far the highest cause of finger amputations; it is rarely as a result of disease. This is often work related injuries, but can also be as a result of recreational activities or hobbies, such as shooting or perhaps woodwork.

Animal Prosthetics

We have found great success in implementing the same adaptive technologies used in the field of human orthotics and prosthetics to, care for our animal patients. Shree Siddhi Surgicals strives to give each patient a second chance to enjoy a normal life. We have found our non-invasive health care options can drastically improve the quality of life for a wide variety of animals. Partnering with various animal health care professionals and animal lovers alike, we endeavor to provide the best animal orthotic and prosthetic care available.

Wheel Chairs

The first thing you need to know when choosing your wheelchair is: do you need a Standard Wheelchair or a Transport wheelchair. A Standard wheelchair is distinguished by the two large wheels in the back and have smaller “caster” wheels in the front, allowing the sitter to self propel. Transport or Travel wheelchairs cannot be propelled by the sitter only by a companion (all four wheels are the smaller “caster” type). They tend to be lighter to lift and can fold into a tighter space.

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